Tuesday, September 7, 2010

23. Mistaken Identity

"Gather around, friends, and I will tell you what I know and outline my plan of attack.

"It is my strong suspicion that our friend CC here has been mistaken for another crayfish by a jellyfish messenger. This jellyfish carried a coded message from the dock gang leader, Leopard Seal to wit: "The whale will come to your birthday party."

In a simple case of mistaken identity, the jellyfish delivered the correct message, but to the wrong crayfish!

"I know for a fact that there is another crayfish-- calling himself Edgar Allen Crawfish in our neighborhood--because I mistook him myself for our CC! Truly they could be identical twins!

"I believe this whole mystery revolves around a large shipment of black pearls which is now in the possession of the seal gang--and THEY are trying to sell them to Edgar Allan Crawfish who must be a fence for stolen items!

"Our friend Barney Sea Gull discovered the news about the black pearls--and for this key information I am VERY grateful!

"Now here is my plan..."


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