Tuesday, May 31, 2011

34. Orders

As the two characters with criminal intent diminished in the distance I turned to Starry.

"Starry. my friend, I don't believe those two rascals even a little--will you please follow the crawdad? But don't get too close  and don't let him see you and be careful..."

"Right-o, Constable--and I'll see ya when I see ya!" and my faithful friend hurried off.

"Now YOU, CC" I said to my tattooed client--you did well as bait for my trap! Now, please go back to the Sea Breeze Hotel and wait for my all clear. It still may not be safe for you to be out and about."

"All  right, Constable--whatever you say--and THANKS for all of your help. I am feeling much more secure and much better all the time".

As soon as he was gone, I took a short-cut back to the beach where I knew my "eye in the sky", Barney Sea Gull, would show up directly.


Monday, May 30, 2011

33. All Free

"Jellyfish," I said to the jellyfish, "I believe that you are just as dumb as you pretend to be, so I am setting you free. Go away and stay away from bad company, like Leo  the Leopard Seal!"

I let go of his tentacle and the jellyfish drifted away with a sour expression on his face.

"Now YOU, Edgar Allen Crawfish, if that  is REALLY your name. What does "The whale will come to your birthday party." mean to YOU?"

"Not a dern thing, Constable. I have no idea what the words mean or what they refer to. I am not giving a birthday party and if I was I don't know any whales to invite!"

"All right then. You can go too. And stay out of trouble."

"Oh you can be SURE of that, Constable--I am a very respectable and law-abiding citizen." and he scuttled off as quickly as a crayfish can scoot.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

32. A Rose Tattoo

"CC." I said to my client (still holding tight to the wriggling jellyfish's tentacle), do you happen to have any unusual identifying marks--so we won't confuse you with your look-alike crayfish?"

"Well, yes." he sheepishly replied. "When I was a young crawdad it was a very popular thing to get a tattoo and I got one. It's sort of faded now, but you can easily see it on my claw--see?" and he held the claw out for my inspection.

Sure enough--there was the tattoo of a rose on his claw and when I glanced at the other pale blue crayfish's claw--thank goodness--there was no tattoo!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

31. Jellyfish Talks

"Don get yaseff in a uproar, Crab." the Jellyfish whined. "I wus only foolin'. Da message was sent by Leo da Leopard Seal  and ya'll never get close enuff ta HIM ta cause HIM no trouble! Ha! Now LET ME GO!"

"One more thing, jellyfish." I said, still in my gruffest policeman voice. "And, by the way, it's CONSTABLE Crab to you . WHO were you told to give this birthday message to?"

"Ahh--yer Constable Crab, are ya? Well who would a knowed it? Ya look just like ANY ol' crab ta me! Now take no offense, Constable, I'll talk! I was told ta give dat "birthday message" ta a pale blue crawdad rat cheer in dis partta da beach, an...OH my achin' Granma!"

The jellyfish had noticed for the first time that there were TWO pale blue crayfish "In this part of the beach".

"Yes, jellyfish." I said, "I'm afraid YOU have made a grave error!"


Friday, May 27, 2011

30. Threat

"Here's your jellyfish!" Starry said when they got near us--and it is sure a HANDFULL of TROUBLE!"

I took the wriggling thing from Starry by the tentacle strand.

"Thanks, Buddy." I said to my starfish friend, "Now lets see what this creature knows..."

"I don know nuttin." the jellyfish whined, "I's justta poor little..."

"Can it, Jellyfish." I said in my gruffest policeman voice. "We know you are LESS than nothing. But you ARE a messenger and I want to know WHO sent you and WHAT your message means!"

"The message is that a whale will come to some stupid BIRTHDAY party!" bleated the jellyfish,  and as for WHO sent the message--that's for ME to know and for YOU to find out, 'cause I'll NEVER tell! Now LET ME GO THIS INSTANT!"

"Nope." I said. "That's not good enough by a long shot. You ARE going to tell me WHO sent you with the invitation--but first let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen a dried-up jellyfish stranded above the high-water mark on the beach? Because if you don't tell me who sent you with that message, YOU are going to be one of those dried-up jellyfish."


Thursday, May 26, 2011

29. Captured Jellyfish

Just then we began to hear a distant commotion which soon became clearer--the high, squeaky shouting of a jellyfish and the low rumble of an angry starfish.

"Unhand me, you brute!" in a jellyfish voice--and "Awww, dry up!" in a familiar starfish voice.

And in the distance but quickly drawing nearer--a strange sight--a starfish--OUR starfish tugging, like a recalcitrant balloon, a wriggling jelly fish!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

28. Stop Crawfish

Per plan, I was following CC at a discrete distance and as soon as I saw the look-alike crayfish approaching him I quickly moved closer--and you know we crabs can move like lightning when we have a good reason.

"Hold it right there!" I cried. "I want to talk to you, Mr. Edgar Allen Crawfish!"

"Constable Crab, isn't it?" the crayfish said smoothly. "You seem excited. Perhaps you have missed your medication?"

"Stow it, Crawfish. You are working with the Leopard Seal Gang in the illegal trafficking of stolen black pearls."

"Oh, really? Perhaps you have proof of your wild accusation?"


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

27. Shock

I had instructed CC to continue walking no matter WHAT happened--and he courageously DID!

What happened next was one of the biggest surprises of his life he later told me.

"It was like walking into a mirror! I saw MYSELF coming toward me! I was so shocked I almost fainted, but managed to stagger on somehow."


Monday, May 23, 2011

26. Messenger Returns

As soon as CC strolled into the sea, a small jellyfish drifted near.

 "Didn't you HEAR me last time?" the jellyfish whispered. "You are going to get BOTH of us in a LOT of trouble if you ignore the message again! I am risking my life to approach you like this, but The Boss said if I fail again it will be curtains for YOU and for ME!

"Now GET this STRAIGHT" the jellyfish almost shouted---The whale WILL come to your  BIRTHDAY party!!"

And the jellyfish drifted quickly away without looking back.