Saturday, July 30, 2011

17. Questions

There was still time for a few questions before the evening meal, so I asked the committee: "Do any of the monks from this monastery ever go into the village?"

"I do." said Friar Montague. "I usually go several times a week--to arrange for the delivery of supplies and to make purchases--and sometimes to deliver the small items we manufacture to raise funds for the monastery. 

"Occasionally, but not regularly, other monks also go out.  They always  go in pairs or I accompany them. None have gone out since the discovery of the missing crystal--we have sadly been rather in a lock-down mode, though I went out once to send the package and message which brought you and Starry here."

"Perhaps then, Friar Montague, early tomorrow you and I could get together  to discuss your knowledge of the village and villagers?" I asked. 

"Of course. Whatever I know that can be of use to you is yours and my time is your time." he replied.

"Another question," I said, "Would it be possible for someone--not a member of this community--to stay hidden inside these walls for a period of days without being discovered?" 

Fugu, Lophius, and Montague looked doubtfully at each other.

"Well, it might be possible for a very resourceful and determined person." Friar Montague said,  "Though to the best of our knowledge it has never been done."

"That will be all for now, then." I said. "We will probably see each other soon at the evening meal and later at the Chapter meeting. And thanks all of you for your help being a committee."

Silently we dispersed.  


Friday, July 29, 2011

16. Announcement

There was a light tap on the library door. Since Friar Montague was nearest, he answered it.

Though I couldn't see him outside the room, I heard the unmistakable voice of Friar Kew: "Uh, Master Walter wants me to tell everyone that he will speak at the weekly Chapter meeting this evening. Everyone, uh, must attend."

When the door was closed again, Friar Montague turned to me and said: "You will see all of us then--at the same time and in the same place--this evening at seven in the Chapter Room. 

"Perhaps your policeman's intuition will help you spot the thief if it is one of the brothers. I know most of them very well and do not suspect anyone.

"There are thirty-eight brother members resident here now and they will all attend this Chapter meeting, I think--except for Friar Crispus who is excused from all duties since he is elderly and ill and is presently bedridden in the infirmary.

"There are no lay brothers or other outsiders at all living here at this time and there were none here when the Blue Star went missing."


Thursday, July 28, 2011

15. Five

 Friar Montague left the library and returned in a moment with two monks--the other adepts.

"Constable Crab and Starry, also known as Friar Crab and Friar Starfish," Frair Montague said, "these are my colleagues and friends, Friar Lophius and Friar Fugu."

 It looked like I suddenly had an investigative team and I hoped my new adept assistants were alert to and had experience with such mundane facts of normal life as theft and crime.

"We are delighted to meet you and I am sure we will work together well." I said.

"I have heard about each of your special abilities and as you must be aware, Starry and I have been called here by your Master Walter to solve the problem of your missing crystal.

"The purpose of our committee then, as I see it, is to find and return the crystal to it's proper place. Auxiliary to this purpose may be to discover and punish or rehabilitate the creature or creatures who are responsible for its disappearance. Are we agreed as to this?"

The three adepts nodded.

"The only clues we have at this time," I said, "are that the crystal was removed and taken from it's valuable box--so whoever took it may value it for itself and not for its possible sale price. 

"Also--the crystal was discovered missing by Master Walter last Sunday evening--after the public had been allowed into the monastery for the usual morning Sunday service, so there is a possibility that the  theft was committed by a member of the outside community--or have been taken by one of your friars and given to someone from the outside community to carry away."

"What do you make of these ideas?" I asked.

"The crystal might simply be easier to conceal without its box in order to be smuggled out of the monastery ." Friar Montague suggested.

"The crystal is small, but not small enough to swallow--and so could not be carried away inside a thief's body." Friar Lophius added, "but could be very easily concealed in clothing"

"The public, in their civilian costume, are easily distinguished from our monastic brothers, and would undoubtedly be noticed going up to the altar and taking the crystal."  Friar Montague said, "but it is possible one of them loitered in the chapel and somehow took it after everyone else had left."

"Very good," I said. "But now tell me this: do any of you suspect anyone in the monastery of taking the crystal?"


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

14. Special Abilities

"We three monks, known as adepts by the community, along with Master Walter, have attained a degree of self-awareness through the practice of meditation and various traditional exercises." Friar Montague continued. 

"Though we are far from perfect, we have certain abilities which make us also far from ordinary as I must say with all humility. And though we are similar in general awareness we each have our own paths of special knowledge. 

"As I believe Master Walter has told you, my own specialty is knowledge of the ancient Dolphinian language. 

"Dolphins, which are still air-breathing animals, purposefully returned to the sea to live many, many long ages ago and their ancient language holds untold wisdom which I study and appreciate.

"Friar Lophius is a monkfish with special knowledge of nutrition and exercise. Friar Fugu is a blowfish with deep knowledge of the science of breathing.

"Our specialties compliment each other and, if I may say so, working together, as we often do, we can be a rather formidable force."

I thought that a committee of such unusual membership might be of great help in recovering the missing crystal, so I said: "Very well. I agree with your suggestion to expand our committee. When can we meet?"

"I assumed you would like the idea of allowing my fellow adepts to join us," Friar Montague replied, "so I have taken the liberty of asking them to be waiting for your decision outside the library door. 

"I will call them in now."


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

13. Committee

"It is probably most essential for us to establish a degree of trust so we can work well together." Friar Montague said after Master Walter's departure.

"You should know, Constable Crab and Starry, that I have taken a vow never to use my snapping powers to harm anything. 

"We snapping shrimp have filled an evolutionary slot by becoming as we are physically.  I have made a conscious decision to change--as my communion with this monastery demonstrates.

"I do not follow the old "eat or be eaten" tradition of my race. I have been a strict vegetarian for most of my life and you have nothing to fear from me.

"I view myself not as a Snapping Shrimp but as an Ahimsa Shrimp. I abhor violence."

"Good, Friar Montague." I said, "I am sure we will work well together. Do you have any suggestion as how to proceed?"

"I do." Friar Montague said. "I would like to expand our committee to include the other two adepts here, Friar Lophius and Friar Fugu.


Monday, July 25, 2011

12. Friar Montegue

The monk adept waiting alone for us in the library was a shrimp--a snapping shrimp--the kind of shrimp known for it's unusual ability to snap it's larger claw with such speed and force as to cause the death of minnows or other nearby small sea creatures by creating shock waves in the sea.

Wearing the robe of the monastic order of the Blue Moon Monastery made him look--perhaps deceptively--benign, so I approached him with caution.

As Master Walter introduced us and exposed our true identity, Friar Montague seemed perfectly unconcerned by the deception--a  self-controlled creature who took everything in stride.

"I am indeed pleased to meet Constable crab and his worthy helper Starry Starfish." He said, offering his smaller claw for us to shake. "And I will be glad to keep his identity hidden for a while until our priceless jewel has been returned."

"Use your all of your many talents please, Friar Montague, to help these visiting professionals solve our problem." Master Walter said. 

"I have duties and exercises now to perform for the monastery and so I must leave you three for a while--I want you to be a committee--work well together--and know that I pre-approve any action you take. 

You need not consult with me for any decision you make--just keep me informed. Adieu." 

And Master Walter moved calmly away.



Sunday, July 24, 2011

11. Time

"I am the only one here who knows your true identity, Constable Crab, and I think that is for the best for the average Moonlight Monastery monk. I want you to continue your masquerade until the crystal is back in this box and on the chapel altar where it belongs.  

But I have decided to share our secret with three other monks to aid you in your investigation. 

These three adepts have lived here for years and, like me,  have complete and permanent access to the crystal.  

I will soon introduce you to one of the adepts.

His name is Friar Montague. He is a healer, a serious student of the ancient Dolphin language and he is waiting for us alone in the library. If you have no questions I will introduce you to him now."

I had one question.

"When did you discover that the Crystal was missing and how long did it take for you to decide to contact me?"

"Last Sunday evening when I went to use the crystal for my evening meditation I discovered it missing. I knew immediately that we would need help since neither I nor any of the brothers know anything about criminal activity. I knew of your reputation and posted you the disguise with my request to come help us early Monday morning." 

"That's right." I replied, "I received the package on Tuesday, contacted Starry and we left for your monastery as soon as we could.  

Our walking trip took two days. We arrived here on Thursday."

"Then is this time-line important, Constable?" Master Walter asked.

"I have an idea that the passing of time may be important. Please introduce us to the adept monk now."  


Saturday, July 23, 2011

10. The Blue Star Crystal

"The fact that this priceless box was not removed along with it's contents may say something about the creature who took the crystal--because the crystal is not a piece of jewelry but a tool for the storage and focusing of energy--specifically the energy of healing." Master Walter explained.

"Our main purpose at this monastery is to investigate aspects of the arts of healing and the Blue Star Crystal is of great importance to us. 

It is never allowed to leave these premises for any reason. 

It has been here--usually in this box--for generations. In fact it has been here since the founding of this monastery and was indeed one of the main reasons why the place was built so long ago. 

We hope, I hope, you will be able to help us to find the crystal, Constable Crab, and return it here so we may continue to investigate it's properties and use it in our healing practice. 

We are not so much interested in catching and punishing the thief--though that may happen as part of the process.

We want--we need--we must have---our crystal back."


Friday, July 22, 2011

9. Blue-star Box

I must say at the outset that Master Walter was an example of a roundly developed sea cucumber. 

He was serenely calm and dignified. His breathing was especially deep and regulated. His eyes were bright and full of knowledge and wisdom and his movements were those of a graceful athlete.

When we entered his office he nodded us toward two chairs and when he spoke, his voice was resonant, strong and clear. 

"To begin..." he said, "I am very sorry to have asked you to come in disguise--but desperate times require desperate measures as they say.

You will see on my desk a small, gold, gem-encrusted  box. It is empty.

This box is usually displayed on the main altar in our chapel and it was made especially to hold the treasure of our monastery, the Blue Star Crystal."


Thursday, July 21, 2011

8. Daily Schedule

Friar Kew first led us to our rooms. 

The rooms, cells as they are called, were next to each other and in a part of the monastery reserved for guests. 

Each of the narrow but spacious rooms contained a comfortable bed with neat linens ready to be used, a writing table and two chairs of the same heavy carved wood as those in Master Walter's office. Each had a window with a fetching view of the village in the valley below. 

There were no locks on the room doors since the doors to the outside world were closed and locked and everyone inside the outer walls was a trusted member of the monastic community. 

Next we visited the refectory where the brothers took their meals. It was somewhat late for lunch so an assistant cook fixed a snack for us. 

"Our, uh, regular evening meal is at six o'clock--your places are at the head table next to Master Walter." Kew said.

Then friar Kew acquainted us with the daily schedule and concluded with this information:

"We are all required to, uh, attend the Sunday chapel service at ten in the morning--which is also open to the, uh, public--usually a few people from the village attend. 

We,uh, observe silence at all times, but may speak quietly with each other, if necessary, after our meals and we may speak during our work time if our work requires it. No frivolous or, uh, unnecessary talk is allowed."

We thanked Friar Kew for this information  and, since it was almost four o'clock, Starry and I made our way back to Master Walter's office. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7. Master Walter

We followed young Friar Kew through a long hall and down several twisting passageways until he stopped and knocked lightly at a large wooden door.

" Enter, please." spoke a well-modulated voice with a slight foreign accent.

Friar Kew opened the door for us and we entered darkened, silent, high ceiling office with book-case lined walls. There were several chairs and other pieces of old carved wood furniture furniture placed in appropriate locations.

A tall, dignified, robed sea cucumber rose and came from behind a heavy-looking antique desk to greet us.

"Ah, Friar Crab. I am delighted you could come--and...?" 

"This is my friend and right hand, Friar Starry  Starfish." I replied. "We are most happy to be here."

"Did you have a pleasant journey, Friar Crab?"

"Oh, quite! Your monastery is indeed in a most beautiful and unique location and our walk here was easy and relaxed."

"Very good! You may start your researches on the Dolfinian language whenever you wish--our facilities are entirely at your disposal.  Friar Kew will show you to your rooms, the refectory, and explain our daily schedule. 

Perhaps you will drop in at about four this afternoon for a private chat with me here?"


Saturday, July 16, 2011

6. Friar Kew

There was a short wait--then a small view-panel opened in the door.  Someone said something to someone else inside the building and there was another pause. Then the view-panel closed and the great iron-bound wooden door moved slowly open a crack revealing a small, young, rather thin sea cucumber.

"Friar Crab and assistant?" came a hesitant immature voice partly muffled by a robe.

"I am Friar Crab and this IS my assistant, Friar Starfish." I said with what I hoped was a note of authority. "We come by invitation of Master Walter."

"Oh I know, I know. Uh, we are just being a little cautious because of some, uh,  unfortunate occurrences here recently, Friar Crab. We are expecting you both. Uh, please come in." and the monk moved timidly aside, allowing us enough room to enter. 

"I am Friar Kew." said the young monk. "It is my, uh, task to take you to Master Walter."

The monk then locked the great door behind us and gestured for us to follow him.


Friday, July 15, 2011

5. The Moonlight Monastery

The Moonlight Monastery was a beautiful sight for we curious travelers--built, it seemed, solidly and for eternity--as enduring as the stone cliffs it was a part of.

"This is even more than I expected." Starry whispered to me as we approached on the path to the massive front door and I was just as impressed as he.

It was evening, absolutely silent,  and we had a two day walk behind us and before us a mystery in a most unusual setting.

We found a heavy iron knocker on the door. 

A thrill went through me as I lifted and released it making a deep clang echoing far away into the halls and chambers of the edifice.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

4. Walking Tour

We decided to try on the robes right then.

They both fit perfectly!

There was nothing on either of our schedules which would keep us from an immediate departure so we decided to pack a few essentials and go--and to set the proper mood we also decided to put on and wear our robes on the journey.

The walk to the monastery would take about two days. It was spring, delightful touring weather and we were both experienced hikers and travelers so we anticipated a pleasant trip. 

And though our planned route led through lightly populated country and shallow water we expected to find convenient inns for food and lodging  all along the way.

Neither of us had visited the monastery before but we  knew that it was built in deep calm water in a picturesque kelp forest surrounded by cliffs, crags and stoney outcroppings and we looked forward to some spectacular and inspiring views.

Just the thing to raise the adventurous spirits of crab and starfish!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3. Starry's In

Of course I had heard of the Sanctuary of Moonshine and the famous Father Walter--but, what on earth could have happened there which  merited a visit from me?

I opened the package. 

Sure enough it contained two robes and two rope belts--one robe my size and one a little larger which I thought would probably fit Starry if he would accompany me.

This was exactly the kind of mysterious adventure which appealed to him and I had to admit my own curiosity was peaked, so I  carried the package and the letter down to his lodging.

"Good morning, Starry." I casually said when he answered my knock on his door. 

I handed him the letter. "Kindly read this, old fellow, and tell me what you think."

While he was reading I took the larger robe out of the package and held it up.

When he had finished reading and took a look at the robe I was displaying he simply smiled and said: "Wonderful, Constable! Count me in! I wouldn't miss it for the world!"


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2. The Letter

I carried the letter and package  into my apartment and opened the letter:

Dear Constable Crab

I have been referred to you by my friend Charles the Angelfish.

I desperately need your help in a matter of utmost urgency. You are reputed to be a person of discretion.

A terrible thing has happened in our monastery, the Sanctuary of Moonshine. I am anxious to keep the official police out of this matter and therefore I prefer somebody like you to handle the affair.

I beg you to arrive at our place posing as “Friar Crab from the Starlit Crags Monastery, an Expert on the Ancient Dolphin Language”.  

Therefore I am sending  you a robe so you can arrive in the appropriate garb.  I send a second robe in case you want to bring along your starfish companion.

I eagerly await your reply.

Father Walter


The Sanctuary of Moonshine


Monday, July 11, 2011

1. The Missing Star

My next case?

It is one of my strangest.

It began with a knock on my Tidepool Arms apartment door.

When I answered it there was a delivery octopus.

"You Constable Crab?" He asked, and when I admitted I was, he continued: "Gotta delivery fer ya. Sign here please."

He handed me a large package and an envelope...

I call this story "The Case of the Missing Star".


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Front Cover

36. All's Well

I sent Hettie and Clarence back to their rooms and there was no harp haunting that night.

The next morning, Starry and I were waiting in the breakfast room when Angela arrived with Charles. 

"I have wonderful news, Constable!" Angela cried excitedly,  "Charles and I are going to be married!

Charles has been offered the position of Head Archeologist exploring the possible ruins of Atlantis--the opportunity of a lifetime for him-- and a job that will take many years.   The work site is near the Island of Bermuda so I have decided to sell this house to Morris and start  a new life there with Charles. 

You said, Constable, that I should be prepared to make some difficult decisions. The decision to marry Charles was easy but the decision to sell Heavenly Abode was hard. In the long run though, I believe everything will work out for the best for everyone!"

"Good news indeed, Angela and best congratulations, Charles!" I said.

Now, about the ghost--last night Starry and I discovered..."

Angela glanced over at Hettie and Clarence and laughed,"Oh, we can all forget about that ghost!  Charles and I are eloping NOW--TODAY! 

We will head for the waters near Bermuda for our honeymoon and my lawyer-fish, Anthony Bilbury Shark, can take care of the sale of Heavenly Abode to Morris the Eel.  

When this house is leveled and new smaller residences are built, perhaps our ghost can find somewhere else to haunt! 

"So, thank you very much for everything, Constable!" Angela said happily, "Especially your advice to stay in my bedroom with Charles with the door locked these last few nights!"

"Yes, thank you, Constable and you too Starry." Charles said,  "And please come visit us sometime soon in our brand new--and ghostless we hope-- Heavenly Abode near Bermuda Island!"

Clarence and Hettie--looking very relieved--stood near the door as Starry and I walked away.


Friday, July 8, 2011

35. Ghosts Revealed

It was about midnight when we felt the atmosphere subtly change--someone had entered the room.

Then, from across the room where the harp stood, we heard quiet whispering. Could there be more than ONE ghost?

Someone gently brushed the harp's strings and Starry and I scrambled out of hiding.

"Let's keep it quiet now--no need for a concert tonight." I quietly said.

There were TWO gasps of astonishment and the pale moonlight reflected the faces of two surprised "ghosts"--Clarence the Butler and Hettie the Housekeeper.

"You've got us then. The game is up." Clarence mumbled and Hettie started to cry. "I knew this would end badly." she sobbed.

"All right then. Why have you been doing it?" I asked.

"Its this way, Constable." Clarence said. "We meant no harm to Angela--but we are tired  of being servants. We are getting older now and we would like to have a little place of our own and to do what we want to do. We think the eel has made her a good offer and he says he will build cottages and even some retirement apartments on this land which we could afford, but he had no part in our scheme."

"We thought if we made Angela a little less comfortable here, she might go ahead and sell the place and we could have our own little homes. Our families have been naught but servants for generations and we thought to break the chain. Can you understand that, Constable?" Hettie Cried.

"I understand your motive perfectly." I said, But you have gone about getting what you want  very badly. Pretending to be ghosts--really, you should be ashamed."

"We are--we are indeed." Clarence said. "But once we got started we couldn't seem to stop. And then once YOU had been called in, we felt we just HAD to perform some more--for you-- don't you know."


Thursday, July 7, 2011

34. Stake-out

Next morning, when I met with Angela, I asked her to notify her staff that Starry would watch in the basement and I would stay in the Attic that night--and that we would sleep all day to be alert and ready. 

But that evening, being careful and quiet as mice so we would not be observed by anyone, we made our way to the empty bedroom where the harp was located. 

I was convinced that there was no ghost and that whoever was impersonating the specter would avoid the places where Starry and I were supposedly lurking but could not resist the opportunity to haunt somewhere in the house--and I was guessing that the familiar spare bedroom would be the place.

Fortunately for our stake-out, there was a large table in the bedroom covered by a heavy dust-cloth which reached the floor all the way around--a perfectly snug hiding place.

The cook had fixed some nice picnic rations for us too--so as night fell we waited, silently and quite comfortably, for something to happen.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

23. Attic

I was walking in the garden toward the rear of the house shortly before two in the morning when I heard a moan--surely a female voice moaning --from somewhere very high in the building.

The ghost!

I raced into the mansion thru the kitchen entrance and blew three loud blasts on my police whistle--a signal to Starry that he was needed at the highest level of the house--the attic.

Angela had shown us the attic--a maze of dusty rooms filled with a collection of old furniture and boxes of useless junk from bygone days. 

The way to the attic was up a circular staircase in a stone tower at a corner of the building. To get to the tower one had to thread a series of disused hallways in the highest part of the building--something not easily done for someone not familiar with the place. 

I could hear  a faint police whistle sound from below and knew Starry had heard me and was on his way to help and I could also hear muffled moaning  coming from somewhere above me in the attic.   

My own crashing progress up the stairs and through the hallways was noisy too so the "ghost"  would either have to disappear quickly or be caught haunting.

I raced around the last corner of the hallway leading to the entry of the tower and almost ran into the housekeeper, Hettie.

"I heard moaning from the attic." she said. "And since my room is nearby, I arrived before you, Constable. I am scared, but maybe I should go up with you. I have never seen a ghost!"

At this moment Starry arrived, panting from exertion.

"I heard your whistle, Constable! What's going on?" he managed to gasp.

"There were moaning sounds from the attic." I said, "but it is quiet now.  Hettie arrived here before me. I think we may have frightened our ghost away, but perhaps we will find some clues so lets go on up and walk through the attic rooms together." 

 But the attic was empty.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

22. Setting a Trap

After the cellar commotion nothing unusual happened for the rest of the night. 

Clarence returned to his quarters and Starry and I went back to the kitchen and finished our snack. When morning was breaking we returned to our rooms and caught up on some sleep.

I was fairly happy with the way our investigation of the haunting of Heavenly Abode was progressing.

The ghost was performing right on schedule and behaving exactly as a ghost should--staying one step ahead of us and making all the right ghosty moves--convincing me that the problem was NOT a ghost.

The whole household had been awake again during the cellar excitement and I knew that everyone was feeling stressed and on edge and in need of a good night's sleep. 

So the next morning after breakfast I spoke to Angela privately. 

"Angela, I think I know now for certain that your problem is not supernatural. But you may have to make some changes in the way you live and you may have to face some difficult decisions because of the "ghost" haunting Heavenly Abode. Are you ready for some hard changes?"

"I'm ready to do whatever is necessary, Constable. Especially now that Charles is here I feel twice as strong and determined as before."

"Very good. Then here is what I want you to do. I am going to have Starry spend the night watching in the cellar until the ghost appears again--so I want you to spread the word to your staff that Starry will stand watch in the cellar until further notice. You can also tell them that  I will personally watch the rest of the house--inside and out. 

No croquet for Starry or I today--we will be resting up for tonight's vigil. And no big dinner for us this evening either--you can have the cook prepare some midnight rations for us if you will. 

Charles should stay with you in your bedroom for your protection--
and keep your door locked. 

That's all." 


Saturday, July 2, 2011

21. The Cellar

It took us only a few moments to navigate the halls and passageways that led to the staircase down to the cellar, but when we arrived at the head of the stairs we were surprised to find someone there before us--Clarence the Butler!

"Clarence! Good heavens, man! What are you doing here?"

"Same as you, I expect!" Clarence said. "I heard some strange clanking noises from the cellar--like maybe a ghost would make--and I rushed down from my room which is only a short way down the hall from here!"

"Quiet now." I ordered, "It seems the noises have stopped. We may have frightened our ghost away!"

We tip-toed on down the stairs and opened the creaking door to the cellar. 

I asked Clarence to turn on the lights since he was familiar with the lay-out of the place--but, of course the cellar was empty. 

There were some lengths of chain and some metal boxes on the floor for sure--but nothing else.



Friday, July 1, 2011

20. Night Watch

Starry and I had arranged to meet in the kitchen on the ground floor at two a.m. and the grandfather clock in the great hall had just struck two when we arrived . 

Starry had just finished a circuit of the outside area near the house and I was returning from  a patrol of the second floor when we came together.

The cook had prepared a snack of cheese sandwiches for us and left them wrapped in a kitchen cupboard. We brought them out, sat down, unwrapped them and thoughtfully began to munch . 

"It looks like our ghost will not perform tonight." I said quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping household.

"All well outside too, Constable." Starry replied, "But awfully dark and spooky!"

"Perfect haunting weather, Old Man." I smiled.

"Oh, yes. Quite good enough for THAT." Starry said, getting into the spirit of the conversation. 

"Clarence the Butler was telling me that the ship "Lady Lorca" broke up in a storm and sank near here some years ago." Starry continued, " He said that there is some talk among the staff that perhaps the drowned sailors from that unfortunate ship are the ghosts haunting Heavenly Abode..."

I shrugged. "On a night like this it is almost possible to believe in ghosts."

At that moment we became aware of a peculiar noise. Very faint at first, but growing quickly in volume.

"What on earth is THAT, Constable?" Starry said in an alarmed voice.

"The GHOST, obviously". I replied. "And loud enough to wake everyone."

"But I mean what SOUND is that, Constable?"

"Why the traditional ghostly sounds of clanking chains and metal money-boxes being dragged on the floor, I believe." I said, "And coming from the traditional place! The cellars, of course! Hurry, man--the game is afoot!"