Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wolf and Dog

Hello, Friends of Constable Crab.

Next I am going to tell a twice-told tale--not about our favorite Crab--but about two animals which lived once upon a time in Russia. I truly hope you will enjoy it.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

28. Boon

Two weeks free!

This IS the life for a crab!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

27. Package Boon

"Uh, Boss?" Isaiah whispered to Saul.

"Isaiah! We're discussing serious...what do YOU want now?"

"I got an idea about a boon..."

"From you WE need an idea? Get real, flatfish!"

"But you could offer Crab a package deal..."

"PACKAGE D... you nincompoop! What kind of package deal?" 

"We already know what he has wished for in the past--just offer him that..."

"You numbskull-- like strawberry tarts with Starfish, pizza, Top Detective for his part of the reef, two free weeks vacation in the Bahamas...? 

"Yeah. That package. Try it." 

"Well...OK. Why not?" 

Saul looked from his aide to King Neptune and then to me.

"Sire," he said to King Neptune, "We think Constable Crab would like this package deal for his boon: Two free weeks at a first-class hotel in the Bahamas with all the trimmings, some strawberry tarts with his buddy Starfish, a hot pizza with everything and to be Top Detective for his part of the reef."

"Would that package boon suit you, Constable?" King Neptune asked.

"Sounds wonderful--if the Bahama weather is good." I replied.

"We can guarantee there will be no hurricane during your Bahama visit." King Neptune said--then, raising the now cool trident, he commanded: "Let this package deal boon be done NOW in my name!"

Monday, October 3, 2011

26. Boon Suggestions

"Saul!" King Neptune cried. "Come closer, Counselor, and give us some advise!" 

When the sole was comfortably close, King Neptune whispered: "What boon could we grant to Constable Crab for finding and returning my trident to me?"

"Your majesty," Saul Sole whispered back into King Neptune's ear, "there are some traditional precedents as to royal boon giving. You could give the crab your daughter's hand in marriage..."

"I hardly think Ariel would be very happy as Mrs. Constable Crab, Saul." King Neptune whispered back.

"Or you could offer him half your kingdom. That is often done by kings giving boons..."

"But then I would only have half of my seven seas! Only three and a half seas? That's really not enough for my sort of majesty. Come on Saul be sensible!"