Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3. Nervous Crayfish

"Of course." I said. What seems to be the problem, Mr ..uh..."

"Claus. Claus Conrad Crayfish, Constable. My friends call me C.C. I hardly know where to begin, Constable--but I seem to be in some kind of trouble."

The Crayfish certainly seemed very nervous. He kept glancing around as if he expected to be slugged from behind.

"Actually, I think I am being followed, Constable." he said with a slight shudder, "Would you mind taking a quick look about to see if there are any suspicious characters lurking nearby?"


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2. Claus Conrad Crayfish

I was in my office finishing some paperwork when my faithful walrus secretary, Effie, announced a visitor--a certain crayfish gentleman named Claus Conrad, she said.

Curious, because we seldom see spiny lobsters, or as they are sometimes called, crayfish, in our neighborhood, I asked her to show him in.

When he appeared, though well-dressed, the crayfish seemed nervous and distracted.

He was of medium height with the build of a
rather stocky athlete-- though he certainly looked like he could "take care of himself" as they say.

"Constable Crab", he said with a slight foreign accent, "I need your help."


Monday, June 28, 2010

1. The Crayfish Caper


Nice to have you visit again--and I expect you are ready to hear another exciting adventure from my casebook--and I am very happy to oblige.

I call this case: "The Crayfish Caper".

So, hold on to your hats and lets go!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

31. End of the Story

And that's pretty much the story.

All of us are now learning how to grow algae and other tasty sea vegetables--the coral reef is in top condition--and we even feel healthier as vegetarians!

Several other Crown of Thorns starfish have arrived and, though there are some cultural differences to be sure--they are all dedicated vegetarians and good neighbors!

I have even heard that Starry is dating one of the young Crown of Thorns females so I think things are going to be all right.

Of course Starry and I thanked A. Clam for his undercover assistance in private--though his information was not of so much help--putting him in hiding in the coral reef at least got us in early touch with Spike and allowed us to meet Mr. Ishimoto and to begin our new work as vegetarian farmers!

But you know,
for me the farming is just an interesting hobby . I enjoy it and the veggies we grow are very nice but my main work will continue to to be Constable.

Yours Truly,

Constable Crab


Saturday, June 26, 2010

30. Good Neighbors

Needless to say, we three vegetarian-convinced conspirators looked at each other with more than a little wonder.

Spike had certainly beaten US to the punch--and he had even called in an expert gardener to advise him in his vegetarian decision and plans.

We saw Spike and indeed the entire Crown of Thorns race in a new light for sure--they had suddenly gained a LOT of respect from us!

"That's wonderful, Spike."
I said politely, "And you too Mr Ishimoto! I think I speak for ALL of us here in the reef when I thank you for making this wise decision--and we would like to join you! We ALL want to be algae farmers, vegetarians and VERY good neighbors!"


Thursday, June 24, 2010

29. Spike Astonishes Us

Mr. Yen Ishimoto was a large crab--slightly blue in color--with a very dignified look about him.

I was about to shake his hand when he surprised me by bowing deeply to us--so, of course, we all bowed back!

"Mr. Ishimoto is here to help me learn to grow algae." Spike said. "We Crown of Thorns starfish have all decided to become
vegetarians and..."

"VEGETARIANS!" We all exclaimed at once
--looking at each other in astonishment."Vegetarians! Really this is almost too much!"

"I expected you to be a little surprised," Spike said, "Since I know the reputation we Crown of Thorns people have--about eating ourselves out of house and home and destroying the very reefs we inhabit and all that. But we are no fools! We know that if we don't change out ways we will destroy ourselves along with our environment! And we also know it will be hard--especially at first--since we have
evolved as coral polyp eaters--to change our habits--BUT we want to survive and Mr Ishimoto here is going to help us learn a totally new way of life--starting with me--and I will pass along the new skills and new way of life to all of my relatives!"