Monday, October 3, 2011

26. Boon Suggestions

"Saul!" King Neptune cried. "Come closer, Counselor, and give us some advise!" 

When the sole was comfortably close, King Neptune whispered: "What boon could we grant to Constable Crab for finding and returning my trident to me?"

"Your majesty," Saul Sole whispered back into King Neptune's ear, "there are some traditional precedents as to royal boon giving. You could give the crab your daughter's hand in marriage..."

"I hardly think Ariel would be very happy as Mrs. Constable Crab, Saul." King Neptune whispered back.

"Or you could offer him half your kingdom. That is often done by kings giving boons..."

"But then I would only have half of my seven seas! Only three and a half seas? That's really not enough for my sort of majesty. Come on Saul be sensible!" 


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