Monday, March 23, 2009

Barnacle Bill

"The Golden Doubloon was crowded with its usual mob of unsavory characters--but I was looking for my informant: Barnacle Bill.

And I soon saw him in the dim light--slouched at a back table with an evil-looking starfish.

I headed straight for him and
cornered him before he could move away--but I was on high alert--I knew from past experience he would try almost anything to avoid me.

When I came near I said in a cold voice: "Why if it isn't my old friend Barnacle Bill."

"Crab!" he exclaimed, looking wildly around for some way to escape, "What are ya doin' here?"

"I've come to see YOU, old friend, and perhaps to get a bit of information."

"I don't know nothin', Crab! I have changed my old ways and I don't know nothin' nor nobody--honest!"

"Of course not, Bill. I didn't think you would know the whereabouts of your old partner, Crawly Crustacean--so I won't even ask!"

"Crawly!" Bill said, turning white as chalk, "Nooooo!"


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