Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Starry Starfish

"I want information and I want it NOW." I said--moving within easy reach of the barnacle.

"Whadda ya want wid me mate?" snarled the starfish menacingly. "Maybe he don' wanna talk wit' cha."

"Some starfish had better watch their manners." I replied, "Or they'll be sorry."

"Wait, Starry", Bill said. "This here Crab means wha 'e says! Don' cha make a move, Starry!"

"Wise Barnacle." I said. "I have received, by an unusual delivery method, a Cry for Help by a certain Polly Polyp who has been kidnapped by your old partner--I think you know where he is--and you are going to tell me.

"Polly!" gasped the starfish, "Not Pretty Polly Polyp!"


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