Saturday, October 31, 2009

17.The mystery is solved

So there it was.

The mystery was solved.

The meaningless but symbolically meaningful scrawls decorating the mollusk shells of our neighborhood had been placed there by this young crab tagger for his own selfish reasons--a fact that (he was right) I would NEVER understand.

That the mollusks of the neighborhood had worked a lifetime to make their shells as beautiful as they could was not a consideration for this young tagger.

He would mark them--cowardly
and unknown at night--so the good residents of the neighborhood would fear the something that prowled at night.

He was the opposite side of the coin from me I guess--I worked to bring a little peace and happiness--he wanted to bring fear and anger and frustration.

Well, so it was.

I thought my way was better and he, no doubt, thought his way was better--strange isn't it?

So--though I had solved the mystery--I had failed to find a solution.

But they say "failure is a better teacher than success"--so at least I had perhaps learned something from this case.

Constable Crab


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