Tuesday, March 30, 2010

17. Introductions

"Uh--Happy to meet you, Mr. Jones." I said. "I am Constable Crab and this is my friend and associate, Starry Starfish."

"Pleased, I'm sure, Crab and Starfish--you will forgive my not shaking hands with you since gripping my spines can be a rather unpleasant experience I've been told--and you can call me Spike--everyone does!"

"As long as we're getting acquainted, Spike," Starry said, "Even though the hour is very late, I would love to have a little chat with you! I have never met a Crown of Thorns starfish, but since I am a starfish too I am sure we'd have lots to talk about."

"You don't mind if we starfish just go up into the reef a bit and have a good yak together, do you Constable?"

Oh, you clever Starry, I thought as I replied, "Oh, not at all! I know you starfish must have lots to talk about! I'll see you later, Starry and nice to meet you, Mr.--uh--Spike!"


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