Monday, March 8, 2010

11. Clam Will Help.

"Crown of Thorns Starfish!" cried the clam, "That is bad news indeed for the residents of the coral reef! Once the Crown of Thorns Starfish decides to make his home there--the rest of the reef dwellers had better start packing because the coral reef is doomed!"

"We know that very well." Starry said, "and we hope that you can help us preserve our reef."

"But what can I do?" the clam asked pointedly, "I don't know anything about starfish."

"I know a little about starfish", Starry replied, "because I am one! But we don't know anything about this Crown of Thorns starfish--why he is here and what his plans are. We hope you can help us--using your undercover skills--to find out more about the intruder so we will know what to do."

"The Crown of Thorns Starfish is no friend of mine. I'll do what I can for ye, Constable and Starry."


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