Thursday, June 24, 2010

29. Spike Astonishes Us

Mr. Yen Ishimoto was a large crab--slightly blue in color--with a very dignified look about him.

I was about to shake his hand when he surprised me by bowing deeply to us--so, of course, we all bowed back!

"Mr. Ishimoto is here to help me learn to grow algae." Spike said. "We Crown of Thorns starfish have all decided to become
vegetarians and..."

"VEGETARIANS!" We all exclaimed at once
--looking at each other in astonishment."Vegetarians! Really this is almost too much!"

"I expected you to be a little surprised," Spike said, "Since I know the reputation we Crown of Thorns people have--about eating ourselves out of house and home and destroying the very reefs we inhabit and all that. But we are no fools! We know that if we don't change out ways we will destroy ourselves along with our environment! And we also know it will be hard--especially at first--since we have
evolved as coral polyp eaters--to change our habits--BUT we want to survive and Mr Ishimoto here is going to help us learn a totally new way of life--starting with me--and I will pass along the new skills and new way of life to all of my relatives!"



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  2. Hi, Alice. Glad you are still keeping up with the crab! I have taken a two-week vacation but now I am refreshed and ready to continue the story!