Saturday, August 7, 2010

16. Plea for Help

"Constable Crab--my old buddy! What in the world brings you down to my rock today?"

"Barney--so good to see you again!

"I need your help. I believe there is something fishy going on down at the docks--and there is no one that knows the docks like YOU do. Whataya say? Will you help me?"

"Glad to! It'll be great to work with you again, Constable! Something at the docks you say? Anything specific?"

"Something about a whale coming to somebody's birthday party...

Honestly, Barney, I don't have a clue to what could be going down--but some harbor seals have been
seen down in my part of the beach and they seem to be following a certain CC Crayfish. He is terrified and doesn't know why they should be interested in HIM!

Another thing--there is a look-alike crawdad who calls himself Edgar Allen Crawfish also hanging around my neighborhood. I am at a loss as to what all this adds up to! It's a mystery for sure--but I think it is tied up somehow to the docks..."

"Sure, Constable! Your hunches are usually correct!

I remember that time back with the White Shark Mystery...anyway, I will mosey down to the docks and keep my eyes and ears open--if there is anything happening that you should know about, I'll let you know about it pronto!"

"Thanks, Barney. It is great to see you again after all this time and I know I can count on you!"


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