Monday, June 22, 2009

8 Sharko Blabs

"Dis is Monday, roight Mr. Constaboil Crab? And we got dis huge concoit at da Clam Shell on Satoidy, also roight? An deres several tousand tickets sold awready fur da show, also roight Mr Crab? An da customers wanna see dair fav'rite perfoimers da Seven Sardines, roight?

BUT da trouble is--DIS ONE SARDINE SKIPPED TOWN a couple a days ago! We got only SIX SARDINES!"

"All this I know and understand, Sharko. But I need some solid information--like who saw the missing sardine last? And, by the way, what is the name of this missing sardine--and what instrument did he or she play which is so important to the group?"

"Da sardine's name is Mable--an she's a girl sardine--and she plays da autoharp like no one else on dis planet!" Sharko was
more enthusiastic and animated than I had ever seen a hammerhead.

"An I'm purty sure the last one to see her was the choreographer fur da show, dat
creep Cody Cod !


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