Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 Find the Sardine

"I don't know, Starry--I am extremely busy with my other duties as you know..."

"Constable, I don't ask you for many favors--but this is VERY important to all of us music lovers. The Seven Sardines are bigger than just about any other musical group in our time--they are LIVING CLASSICS!

You've just GOT to help us FIND THAT MISSING SARDINE!"

I had never seen poor Starry so upset. One sardine missing among the millions and trillions of sardines in the sea? Really!

But I also realized that I couldn't let this old friend down in what he thought was an emergency.

I pushed myself back from my excellent dinner--signaled Alfonse the Waiter for my check and rose from the table--touching my old friend affectionately on the shoulder.

"All right, Starry. I'm with you. Let's find that missing sardine!"


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