Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5. Need Some Facts

"I suppose, old friend, the first thing to do is to gather some facts as to the sardine's disappearance. Where do you think we should start?" I asked.

"I am SO relieved you decided to come on board on this investigation, Constable!

I think we should start NOW, because every minute we delay could have very grave consequences! And as for facts--I was so hopeful that you would help find the missing sardine that I brought the person with the most facts right with me--the Manager of The Seven Sardines, Daniel Sharky!

He is waiting right outside this restaurant and will he ever be happy to see YOU and to know that you are going to find that sardine!"

Now hold on, Starry," I cautioned, "I will do my best of course. but..."

"No "buts", Constable Crab! With YOU on the case--we'll find that sardine! Come on--lets go!"


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