Sunday, February 28, 2010

10. Albert Clam

The wet sand between us began to pulsate and then to vibrate.

Something was there for sure--and that something was soon revealed to be none other than a clam, the same Albert Clam we were seeking, as I was soon to learn.

"Albert!" Starry greeted the mollusk when he had slid completely out of the wet sand. "Albert--you are just the clam we are looking for! I want you to meet my good friend Constable Crab."

"Sure, I have heard of ye, Constable." said the clam with a slight northeastern accent. "And what would you be havin' me to do, Sir?"

I went straight to the point.

"We need your special skills as an undercover agent to learn more about a dangerous person who has recently come to the coral reef--a terrible Crown of Thorns Starfish!"


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