Friday, September 2, 2011

17.Strange Visitors

While back in Crab Country:

Whoo! That hurricane was no joke!

I picked myself up  from where I had been blown over and rolled away by the wind and checked to see if I was all together.

I was. 

And I had not lost my grip on the magical trident--though it was getting too hot to hold with any comfort.

It looked to me like the hurricane had been a local disaster but had not caused any damage farther away.

I guess it was just the trident showing me what Bahama weather could be like. Not so pretty after all.

I walked down the beach and headed on through the surf into deeper water to see if anyone out there needed any help--and saw a strange sight.

Two fish--they looked like haddock or hake, halibut or sole--in black suits and dark glasses were heading toward me.


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