Tuesday, September 6, 2011

18. Whose Trident

"Good morning, sir." one of the fish in black said, "Nice trident you've got there."

"Thanks." I said.

"We have a--er--friend, who is missing his trident. It looks just like yours! Would you mind if we looked at your trident a little more carefully?"

"As a matter of fact," I said, "I recently found this trident on some underwater rocks near here..."

"Ah, well," said the fish in black, "our friend's trident has some very peculiar characteristics--have you noticed anything unusual since you found it?"

"I sure have-- and it's getting as hot as a firecracker to hold the longer I have it! And it seems to know what I am thinking and it makes things happen--like provides me with pizza and makes hurricanes blow--and..."

"That's our friend's trident. No doubt about it! You might even say it is magic, couldn't you?" said the fish in black.

"I have never believed in magic--but if I did I would say this trident is magical!"

"Ah yes, Mr.--uh..."

"Crab. Constable Crab. I am the constable of this portion of the ocean from about ten fathoms down in the water and up the beach to the high-tide mark and from the harbor pier to the river mouth."

"So you are a busy fellow--and an honest one."

"Yes I am and I try to be."

"I am Saul Sole. I am an adviser to King Neptune. This is my Chief of Staff, Isiah Halibut."


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