Thursday, September 8, 2011

20. Going Home

"I would like to. I would like to meet your King Neptune--but it is probably a long way to travel and I have my work here.

"Nah," Isaiah said, "Its a lot closer than ya think! You got the magic trident, havantcha?

Well, all ya gotta do is think o' Neptune and start walkin'--the trident gets ya there instantaneously."

"But I don't believe in magic." I protested--"and I don't even know what Neptune looks like or where he lives." 

"You got the trident." Isaih retorted, "It knows what ta do. Ya don't hafta believe in anything-- it still works!  Just like Dorothy's red slippers knew how ta get her back home to Kansas. And in this case ya don't even hafta click yer heels three times, ha!"


"NO BUTS! Just think the name "Neptune" and don't forget about US 'cause we wanna go back home too!


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