Sunday, July 5, 2009

11. Cody Vanishes

Sharko seemed to know the way to Cody's dressing room very well and we were soon standing outside the closed door.

"Open up, Cody!" Sharko bellowed, banging on the door,
"We gotta Talk!"

After a short pause the door opened a crack and a timid face appeared--a shrimpish face--and NOT a cod at all!

"What's goin' on?" Sharko asked, and NOT very politely. "Who're YOU?"

"I'm only Mister Cod's cleaning lady." said the face, opening the door a crack wider.

"Well, git outta da WAY, cleaning lady! We wanna talk to Cody Cod NOW!" Sharko yelled and he pushed the door open. We all followed him into the small dressing room--but it was plain to see that there was NO COD or anyone else besides the cleaning shrimp in the room!


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