Wednesday, July 22, 2009

17. The Missing Sardine

"Is THAT any any to talk about some of your dearest friends, Cody Cod!" said another quite remarkably delicate but robustly female fishy voice--and I realized that I had let TWO strangers into my apartment.

Because right behind the cod--shadowing him you might say--was a small sardine!

"Oh, all right, Mable," Cody spoke to the petite sardine behind him, "But you'll have to admit that SOME sardines can be almost more trouble than they are worth!"

"NOT my friends! They are great--and SO AM I!"

"Then YOU, I take it, Miss, are Mable the missing sardine?" I inquired of the sardine politely.

"In person, Mr. Crab--and NOT a moving picture!"


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