Wednesday, July 29, 2009

20. Mable's Ultimatum

"You certainly are YOU, Miss Sardine--but just WHAT does that have to do with your 'disappearance'?"


"I'm sorry to be dense, but I don't see the connection."

"Oh, let's GO, Cody! I Knew this wouldn't work!"

"Hold on, Mable!" Cody interjected desperately, "Break it down! Constable Crab will understand if anyone will!"

"OK, I'll try one last time. Look, Constable, I am ME-- Mable Sardine! I am ONE of a kind--and NOT just one of the Seven Sardines! If it wasn't for MY talent and MY voice--there wouldn't BE Seven Sardines. I AM THE SHOW!!"

This sardine WAS pretty hard to handle--and I could certainly see why Cody thought 'Some sardines were more trouble than they were worth', BUT hearing her most unusual voice and sensing her overwhelming personality--I began to see her point--she was NOT just another sardine!

"I begin to understand. So what do you want, Miss Sardine?" I asked very politely and calmly.

"Ahhh, Call me Mable, Constable--everyone else does.

What do I want? Number one: I want top billing! I want MY name in lights, like this: Mable and the Six Sardines.

Number two: I want more money than the rest of the sardines put together.

Number three: I want Cody here to be MY personal choreographer.

Number four: I want to chose ALL the music I do with ANY group--including the other six sardines--and have I got some terrific numbers I personally wrote!

And that's what I want OR you won't see ME at the Clam Shell Concert Saturday night. Period!"


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