Saturday, July 25, 2009

18. Mable Talks

"Then, Mable--you are no longer missing?" I asked.

"I have never BEEN missing, Constable Crab--except to a few fairly unimportant people."

"Unimportant people such as your business manager and the rest of the members of the Seven Sardines entertainers--and all their friends and contacts--such as MY friend Starry Starfish--and perhaps even ME?"

"Well, maybe I am being a little too strong about the unimportant, Constable. And I am sorry if I caused some people to worry and even to call YOU in to locate me. But, as you can see, I am in no danger and am quite all right!"

This young sardine was quite a talker AND quite a charmer as I COULD see. But I DID have a job to do and a client to answer to--Sharko! So I continued with my questioning.

"Where HAVE you been? And WHY did you disappear just now when you have a very important date and a contract to fulfill?"

"I have been in seclusion at a very private place Cody Cod and I know about in the Kelp Forest--as for WHY--well the contract for the huge show at the Clam Shell with the so-called Seven Sardines are the reason I have chosen to "disappear".


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