Friday, August 28, 2009

4. Sailor Bill Abalone

The next day I was walking--in the early morning again as is my habit--when I was astonished to see the same strange markings on an abalone of my acquaintance!

"Ahoy, there, Sailor Bill!" I called, knocking rather loudly on his shell since he was a bit hard of hearing.
"What are these peculiar marks on your shell?"

"Avast there! Leave off the shoutin' and racket!--oh, it's YOU, Constable! Nice to see ya' this fine mornin'! And what might I be doin' fer ya?"

"I would like to know what these strange markings on your shell mean, Bill?"

"Market? Nah--I ain't been ta the market, Constable. An what would I be doin at the market anyhow?"

"Not MARKET, Bill! MARKINGS! I would like to know about these MARKINGS on your SHELL!"

"You are jokin' Constable! Ain't no MARKINS on MY shell!"

"But the ARE, Bill!"


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