Tuesday, August 4, 2009

24. My Sammy Sardine

I'll say this for the freebie seats we were enjoying--Starry Starfish and I-- for the Seven Sardines Concert at the Clam Shell show--they were first class!

Front Row Center--and for one of THESE concerts it doesn't get any better!

The enormous crowd was lively and restless--there were all sorts of denizens of the deep there--mostly young, of course as I expected. There were even a few squid off in a far part of the balcony--and THAT surprised me since I know they are NOT partial to the sort of "music" produced by sardines!

There were young crabs there, of course--since there are young crabs everywhere these days.

Just a few minutes late and before the crowd got too restless, with a musical flourish, the lights on the stage blazed up and the Seven Sardines launched into their signature number:"My Sammy Sardine".

THIS tune was so popular that even I knew it--though it is a LONG way from my classical whale singing!

Most of the crowd delightedly joined in singing the chorus and most could even hum the stanzas.

I did too! The mood was absolutely infectious!

Surely you know it too--

My Daddy don't like him
He says he is lazy--
But he's so CUTE
It drives me crazy!

My Sammy--My Sammy Sardine!

My Momma don't like him
She says he's a bum--
But if he should whistle
He knows I will come!

My Sammy--My Sammy Sardine!

My sister don't like him
Neither does my brother--
But he's the only sardine
I want for MY lover!

My Sammy--My Sammy Sardine!

There are lots of sardines
They say, in the sea
But there's only one
Sardine for me!

My Sammy--My Sammy---
Oh, You're so CUTE, Sammy--
Oh, Sammy--you're so NICE...
(etc. as it fades.)


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