Tuesday, August 11, 2009

25. Good Show

And so it went.

The crowd was enthusiastic and gave the Seven Sardines huge applause after every number.

And most surprising--I found myself enjoying the sardine music too!

It wasn't classical whale singing, but it DID have it's place for the standard musically untrained fish and seemed to serve a purpose. After all--the masses need music too--and this was obviously THEIR music of choice!

When the concert was over, but before we left our seats, I asked Starry how he liked it.

"Great! Wonderful!" he enthused, "and I am SO glad you invited me to help you occupy these excellent seats!"

"But did you miss Mable's autoharp?" I asked him.

"Autoharp? Mable? No--now that you mention it! The music sounded just fine as they played it! I didn't notice any difference at all! Isn't that strange?"

"I suppose it is." I said, smiling inwardly. "But shall we stop by Father Neptune's restaurant before we call it a night--just to see how Mable and Cory are doing with their new gig?"

"Good suggestion, Constable! We shouldn't drop them flat as a flounder! By all means--let's go!"


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