Tuesday, April 6, 2010

19. Starfish Plans

"Am I ever glad to see YOU, Constable! I have learned a lot about the Crown of Thorns starfish and about the plans of the whole race of Crown of Thorns starfish to take over this reef!"

"Go on Albert! Let's have it!" I said with no hesitation.

"First of all--I could hear the starfish..."

"His name is Spike." I interrupted.

"Right--Spike! Well, I could hear Spike fairly clearly even though he was communicating very softly using some sort of wave broadcast channel of the C. of T. starfish people. Luckily, you put me in exactly the right place to tune in!"

"Good! Go on!"

"They plan to..."

At this very moment, I heard Starry coming in the distance!

"...and so, Spike, how do you like this little bit of reef?" he was saying so I quickly gestured to Albert to hide underground again--whispering to him, "We'll come back at noon! Be ready to leave with us!"



  1. Keep going with your story, Thomas. I am following with great interest.

  2. Thank you Alice.

    Crab continues to evolve! TW