Thursday, April 29, 2010

27. An Algae Farm

"Wait just a minute!" Starry exclaimed. "If Spike is just the advance agent of a swarm of his relatives who want to emigrate to our reef--well, there won't be enough ALGAE to feed them AND us. Spike may be willing to change HIS eating habits and he MAY be able to convince his relatives to change THEIR eating habits--that will save the reef! BUT there won't be enough ALGAE to feed all of us!"

"That's true!" Agreed Clam. "There won't be enough algae to feed ALL of us!"

"I see your point." I said. "Let me think this over a bit--"

"Wait! I've GOT IT, Constable!" Starry exclaimed--

"We'll start an ALGAE FARM and learn how to GROW enough vegetarian food for All of us! We can be Algae farmers!"


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