Tuesday, April 27, 2010

25.Starry Admits...

"Wow! THAT is an IDEA for sure!" Starry exclaimed with spirit. "And the plain fact is that I WAS NOT ALWAYS a vegetarian myself!"

"No Kidding?" said Clam.

"Really! I ate all kinds of things--even, uh--shellfish."

"No!" Clam said with a slight tremor in his voice.

"I am sorry to admit it, Al--but even some kinds of shellfish. But I was a young and foolish starfish back then--I saw the error of my ways long ago! I am now a confirmed ALGAE eater! In fact ALGAE is ALL I EAT-- Honest!"

"I have known Starry for a long time Clam, and I can tell you that he is telling the truth. He eats algae--and he has even influenced ME for the better. because I eat mainly algae too!" I added.


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