Sunday, April 11, 2010

21. Information Exchange

What did you learn about the Alien Starfish?" I immediately asked Starry.

"Well, he's not THAT bad a sort." Starry replied, "But it is unfortunately true that his kind of starfish feed on the little coral insects whose tiny skeletons make up the coral of the reef. If he intends to live here he will destroy the reef--and, just as we feared, that will happen fairly quickly!

Now, Constable--were you able to talk to Clam?"

"Yes! He came out of his hiding place as soon as you left--but he didn't have time to tell me anything about the Crown of Thorns starfish's plans--though he had learned something! I told him we would return at noon to take him away to a place where he can make a full report..."

"Good! Then I will meet you here at noon today! Now we'd better both get some rest!"

"Right, Starry. See you here at noon!"


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