Monday, May 30, 2011

33. All Free

"Jellyfish," I said to the jellyfish, "I believe that you are just as dumb as you pretend to be, so I am setting you free. Go away and stay away from bad company, like Leo  the Leopard Seal!"

I let go of his tentacle and the jellyfish drifted away with a sour expression on his face.

"Now YOU, Edgar Allen Crawfish, if that  is REALLY your name. What does "The whale will come to your birthday party." mean to YOU?"

"Not a dern thing, Constable. I have no idea what the words mean or what they refer to. I am not giving a birthday party and if I was I don't know any whales to invite!"

"All right then. You can go too. And stay out of trouble."

"Oh you can be SURE of that, Constable--I am a very respectable and law-abiding citizen." and he scuttled off as quickly as a crayfish can scoot.


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