Saturday, May 28, 2011

31. Jellyfish Talks

"Don get yaseff in a uproar, Crab." the Jellyfish whined. "I wus only foolin'. Da message was sent by Leo da Leopard Seal  and ya'll never get close enuff ta HIM ta cause HIM no trouble! Ha! Now LET ME GO!"

"One more thing, jellyfish." I said, still in my gruffest policeman voice. "And, by the way, it's CONSTABLE Crab to you . WHO were you told to give this birthday message to?"

"Ahh--yer Constable Crab, are ya? Well who would a knowed it? Ya look just like ANY ol' crab ta me! Now take no offense, Constable, I'll talk! I was told ta give dat "birthday message" ta a pale blue crawdad rat cheer in dis partta da beach, an...OH my achin' Granma!"

The jellyfish had noticed for the first time that there were TWO pale blue crayfish "In this part of the beach".

"Yes, jellyfish." I said, "I'm afraid YOU have made a grave error!"


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