Friday, April 17, 2009

Crawly Tries Reason

"You see, dear Crab and Starfish, I am MUCH larger and, I must say, much STRONGER than both of you put together--and,besides I have my minions at my beck and call--if I DO say so myself, and I do.

Now of course I have your "pretty" Polly Polyp here with me--but I like to think that she is here voluntarily--as my protege--so to speak.

Now why--Dear Constable Crab--do you think you must "rescue" her--and if you DO want to rescue her--HOW on earth would you accomplish the deed--if I wanted to keep her here with me?"



  1. No, I ... Shy... So I canceled the putting of my video into my blog!

  2. Well, when you are ready we will be happy to look at it. TW