Thursday, April 9, 2009

Glifford's Glate

The tumult of the waves overhead seemed to calm somewhat and the swirling water cleared enough for us to see a scary "gate" in the path ahead.

This MUST BE "Glifford's Glate"--the same place Barnacle Bill warned us about--and, if Bill was telling the truth,
just beyond this "Glate" was the lair of Crawly Crustacean.



  1. Nice Story! You copy it from a storybook or you create it yourself? I hope I can continue reading this story 'till the end...

  2. Hello, Can Group.

    It is my own. I like to invent the story line every day and I enjoy drawing the accompanying cartoons. I take Saturday and Sunday off, but get one done most weekdays--I hope you stay entertained til the end of this adventure. TW

  3. Wow, You must be good at making stories... I love your stories.... where did you get those pictures?

  4. I just imagine the pictures that would go with the story and draw them, scan them and plug them into the blog. I like to draw and it is good practice to do it every day (except the week-end). I'm glad you like my Constable Crab adventures. TW

  5. Well, I love your story. And for sure, I love your drawings!