Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We squeezed safely between some gaps in the Glate's teeth and were soon on the inside and ready to go on.

I had already started to move when I glanced back at Starry--who stood frozen stock still in place.

"Com' on Starry! Let's get moving--there is no time to waste." I said---but Starry just stood still gazing at me with surprise and horror.

Then--I realized that he was NOT looking AT me--but BEHIND me!

I whirled around and gasped!



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  2. Well, I am Indonesian so, I need a lot of practice to improve my English. I find out about your blog from other people's blog.

  3. Anyway... So you are the one who color and draw the pictures? (Just ignore the error in my sentences, I am not good at English, but I understand them)

  4. Hi,CaN GrOuP:

    Thanks for your interest in my Constable Crab story--it is mainly for kids, but you may get some good English practice from it too. Best wishes, TW.