Monday, April 13, 2009

Three Magic Words

"No one can pass here alive--" glurgled the Glate "--unless they can give me the THREE MAGIC PASSWORDS."

I looked at Starry-- who was looking at me!

"I dunno--" Starry said, "I never been too good at guessin' passwords."

"Me neither." I admitted. "But we could try some of the old standbys--like..." I turned and said loudly to the Glate, "OPEN SESAME!"

"Nope." Slyly Glurgled the Glate.

"Friend!" I said, remembering that the word had been used as a password somewhere.

"Nope." Gurgled the Glate happily.

"Bibbidy-bobbidy-BOO!" I shouted, but without much hope.

"Nahh", said the Glate, "Give up?"

"Not yet!" I cried. "Com'on, Starry, you try!

"The Glate said Three MAGIC words." mused the starfish aloud, "But the only three magic words I ever heard of were the ones my ma taught me when I was a kid..."

"Which were?" I said encouragingly...

"PLEASE, and THANK YOU." Starry said shyly--"Ma always said they were three magic words, but..."

"Oh, Poo!" said the Glate with a disappointed glurgle, "You GUESSED them RIGHT! Com'on in."


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