Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Only the Facts

This was a tight spot!

I tried to remember everything I knew about lobsters in general
and about polyps too--maybe there was some bit of information I could use to rescue Polly.

The only things I could remember about lobsters were that they were big, tough, had very hard armor-plated shells and were very fast--BUT--they also had VERY poor vision--in fact they had to feel things with their antenna to find out what they were dealing with--AND--an adult lobster often had only one huge claw--their other claw was stunted.

Hmmm. Maybe I could use those last pieces of info!

About polyps--well I knew they were almost transparent pink and green solitary salt water creatures--and they were cousins to jellyfish!

Aha! A clever plan started to form in my brain--my knowledge of sea creatures and my long experience as a constable might help us solve this almost unsolvable problem!



  1. Maybe your lobster should check my blog on natural vision improvement! ;)