Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10. Effie Sees Something

"Oh! Const..." CC gasped.

"Right-o my shellfish friend!" I said from the easy chair.
"Now if you will kindly explain just WHAT is going on here--without prevarication, please!"

"I am dreadfully sorry for my unforgivable behavior Constable. The simple fact is--I have NEVER been in ANY sort of trouble before! But the last few days have comp-letely changed my outlook on life! I have NOT been so frightened since the class bully terrorized me in the first grade!"

"Now, just calm down CC. I assure you that you are not in danger here in my office! Suppose you begin with the beginning..."

At this very moment, Effie returned looking quite pale.

"Constable--I can't believe it!" She gasped, "You asked if I could spot anything different outside and, believe me, I have SEEN SOMETHING!"



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