Sunday, July 11, 2010

8. Try Again

Very curious, I walked into my office--and there he was--not at all different from the last time he had visited--well, maybe a little more nervous and worried looking.

"Constable Crab!" he said with vigor, "I a SO sorry I left so precipitously last week. The fact is I was simply terrified. I have been so worried--so sure I have been followed by someone who means to harm me--that when you left the office I panicked."

"That's quite all right, uh, C.C. But didn't I just speak to you a few minutes ago at the Farmer's Market?"

"The Farmer's Market! Absolutely NOT! I have never been to the Farmer's Market! I just arrived here a few minutes ago and your secretary suggested I wait for you here."

"Have you ever heard of a person called Edgar Allen Crawfish III?"

"The name is vaguely familiar but, no, I don't believe I know anyone by that name. But you are making me feel very nervous now."

"I am sorry, C.C., but I was just talking to someone who could be your twin at the Farmer's Market."

"Please stop, Constable! My poor nerves just can't take very much more. I am SURE I have been followed here!"

"I want to help you but if I check outside, will you wait for me here this time?"

"Oh yes, Constable. I will! Please do!"


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