Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12. Jogged Memory

I raced to the door and looked up and down the street, but there was no sign of anything unusual. The gang Effie had seen had disappeared.

So I returned to confront CC Crayfish and to calm Effie.

"There seems to be something behind your fears, CC." I said. "And, if what you say is true, you have done nothing to attract the attention of a gang of thug harbor seals. This is unusual and most perplexing."

"I swear I have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve this torment, Constable."

"And you have only been followed for a few days?"

"No more than four--though I may have been followed earlier without paying it any attention. As I say--I have NEVER been in trouble of ANY kind! No reason for anyone to follow ME!"

"And has NOTHING unusual happened to you in the last few days--let us say about a week?"

"Absolutely NOTHING! Uhh--wait a minute--something rather odd did happen to me about a week ago! As I was out walking, an unknown jellyfish drifted by and
said something very strange to me. It said: "The whale will come to your birthday party!" and then it drifted swiftly away--"Most peculiar." I remember thinking at the time--but with all the other things happening so suddenly--I forgot it until you asked me just now to remember anything unusual."


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