Friday, July 9, 2010

6. Mistaken Identity

My prediction, as it turned out, was absolutely spot on-- because only a few days later I caught a glimpse of our "C.C. Crayfish" at the Farmer's Market which is held every week on Tuesday evening in our village.

I had stopped by to check the produce. Sometimes I can get a great bargain on fresh local-grown algae at the Farmer's Market, you know.

So I was quite surprised to see, standing at ease in front of the algae stall waiting for the clerk, none other than C.C. Crayfish.

"Mr. C.C. Crayfish I presume." I said jokingly tapping him on the shoulder.

"I beg your pardon, Sir. Do I know you?" The crayfish said, turning to look me in the face.

"I think so." I said, "We met in my office just a few days ago. I am Constable Crab."

"Constable Crab?" Replied the crayfish. "Surely not, Sir. I have a very good memory for faces and I assure you I have never laid eyes on you before. My name is Edgar. Edgar Allen Crawfish III."


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