Saturday, July 17, 2010

11. A Gang

Effie was looking so shocked and pale, I immediately jumped up and offered her the easy chair.

CC looked absolutely terrified too but I would have to take care of poor Effie first and then get back to him.

"What on earth WAS it you saw?" I asked after her breathing had almost returned to normal.

"Oh, constable!" she moaned--"Right outside--practically on our DOORSTEP--" she shivered and could not go on for a few breaths--"There were several--you could call it a GANG---I KNOW it was a gang---of those low, ruffian harbor seals!"

"Harbor seals!?" I questioned--because harbor seals seldom left the docks--though they DID travel in gangs
and they WERE disreputable in the extreme! (They were known to do almost anything for one small fish!)

"I know it sounds imPOSSible, Constable, but I am sure they were harbor seals!


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