Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"But Crawly", I continued, "Surely you are aware that that wonderful, strong, dangerous CLAW of yours has a slight, but definite, twist?"

"Ridiculous!" Crawly snorted. "Mind yourself, dear Constable--or I might have to teach you a lesson in good manners!"

"OH, I mean no offense!" I quickly said, "If you will allow me to approach quite near, I will point it out to you--and since, as I have said, I have claws of my own, perhaps I can even suggest an old Crab Family recipe for straightening crooked claws..."

"What?!" growled the lobster, "You forget yourself when you are speaking to your betters, Mister Crab. Mend your ways, Sir, or..."

"No, really Crawly--may I come closer? I will point out to you what I am sure is only a minor and temporary defect..."

"Come here at once, Crab--and come as close as ever you want! Approach, Crab, and tremble!!"


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