Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family Help

"Polly, Starry!" I shouted as soon as I was close enough for them to hear me. "We are SAFE! Polly can GO! There is no more danger here at all!"

"What about Crawly?" Starry asked when I came up to them, "Isn't he going to fight us?"

"No! He admits he was wrong to keep Polly here against her will and says she can go whenever she wants!"

"Oh my! That is WONDERFUL NEWS!" Polly exclaimed. "Let's get going right now!"

"Just a minute, Polly! Crawly says he's very sorry he kept you but he will be very lonely when you go--but I've got a good idea! YOU are a solitary saltwater polyp--but don't you have hundreds of Jellyfish Cousins?"

"Hundreds?!" Polly laughed out loud--"Millions!"

"And wouldn't some of them come here to live if you asked them to?"

"Sure! This is a nice part of the ocean and they like to drift anyway--I am sure they would come here if I asked."

"Well, ASK!" I said.


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