Thursday, May 28, 2009


You will want to know about Polly Polyp and "Starry" Starfish.

Polly rewarded Starry and I with big hugs for our brave journey to rescue her.

"I will forever be grateful to both of you for helping me!" she said, giving us each a very nice hug.

(It was the first time I had ever been hugged by a polyp and it was quite charming!)

I think Starry hoped to renew his earlier more intimate friendship--but he had to be satisfied with the hug because Polly waved goodbye and was off on a swift sea current.

We both knew that Polly WAS a solitary polyp in her heart and could not change her nature--which was to simply be alone most of the time.

So Starry and I made our way back home with the very good feeling that we had not only accomplished our mission--but had done it peacefully without hurting anyone.


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