Monday, May 25, 2009

Polly Explains

Though Polly was a "solitary" Polyp, she had made many friends among her Jellyfish relatives and she lost no time in explaining to them her problem--that is-- Crawly Crustacian's problem.

"Crawly is not really bad", she told them, "he has had some bad habits in the past but now he's just a lonely blind
old lobster with a twisted claw.

He needs some friends and I am moving on--would some of you be willing to look in on him from time to time--and maybe read to him and occasionally bring him little presents for friendship's sake?"

Well everyone knows how soft hearted Jellyfish are!

They immediately agreed to befriend Crawly and promised Polly that she need have no fears about that.

They said being friends with old lobsters was one of the things they liked best of all and they could hardly wait to hear some of his stories about the old days when he was the terror of the seas!


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