Monday, May 4, 2009

The Twisted Claw

(Oh well--here goes nothin'! I thought.)

"Excuse me, Crawly." I said in the sincere tone of voice I save for these occasions, "That IS a wonderful claw you've got there!"

"Ahh--yes. Perhaps it is at that." Crawly replied--extending his great armored claw--not altogether offended and maybe even a little pleased by my remark.

"It is kind of a shame though that it is a bit--well--shall we say--twisted."

"WHAT? TWISTED? Dear crab, really! Many have admired my great claw (since mature people of my kind often have only one) but no-one has EVER called it twisted!"

"I certainly do not wish to offend you, Crawly--but I am rather an expert on claws--I
myself have two very serviceable ones right here as you may have noticed..."

"I certainly HAVE noticed, my poor crab, your pathetic
weak little, oh my, excuse my chuckle--claws."


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