Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Hoax

I will admit that what I planned to do was to flatter Crawly so that I could get very near to him--trick him about an imaginary "twisted claw"--and then I planned to spring at his head and quickly tie his antenna in a sailor's knot--I knew he was almost blind and without his antenna to help he couldn't feel where I was--so I would have him more or less at my mercy---


When I got VERY close to him I realized two things: first--he was indeed as blind as a bat, and second and most surprising--his huge claw WAS twisted--VERY twisted--in fact so twisted that I doubted very much if he could even defend himself from a very small crab, or from anything else!

Crawly's big bully fierceness was just one big hoax! A bluff!


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