Friday, August 12, 2011

1. Lost

A storm was brewing one day as I left for my regular constitutional walk.

I walked for what must have been a long time -- my mind and feet both wandering down some unusual and  different path-- and when I began to  think again in my accustomed way, I realized that I had somehow become lost.

Most perplexing.

Certainly this had never happened before!

I did not recognize anything! Where had these strange cliffs and rocks come from? 

And though the water was exceptionally clear and transparent, the colors of everything were off--somehow peculiar and unnatural.

I looked about me with growing curiosity and even a little fear.

"Where ARE you, Constable Crab, and WHAT on earth is going on?" I thought to myself--when suddenly I saw something bright and shining on the rocks ahead of me.


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